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Paulrus Syndiclart

London Promoter // Artworker // Label A&R // Walrus

London Promoter / Artworker / Label A&R / Walrus

Long time crew member Paul has been involved with the Jungle Syndicate crew since before they had a name, a fellow raver who with the help of people like Nick, Raggamuffin, Sargy and Sketch found his love for the amen break. His first involvement in the night was to help the Bristol guys with their flyers, getting them print ready as well as helping in second stage design for stickers and banners, and later setting up and running the Dizzyjam webstore.

In 2010 Paul came on board as a promoter for the London relaunch at Rhythm Factory and has been a key player in all things London since; from militant flyer missions, extended forum spamming sessions to incessant artist and agent badgering!

If there’s amens in London you can usually find Paul in the mess of it all, most likely in a bit of a mess himself.

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