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Nick Syndicate

London Co-Founder // Promoter // Raver // DJ (Soon)

London Co-Founder / Promoter / Raver / DJ (Soon)

As a founder of Jungle Syndicate, Nick has seen the night evolve from the once small night in London’s Camberwell in 2008 to where it is at today. Nick’s passion for the scene started at an early age with thanks to his brother and like-minded friends, who helped him build a love for intelligent drum work, amen choppage, the bushiest of bush man beats, filthy reece’s and the most weightiest sub’s. An on/off bedroom DJ for some time, Nick’s finally getting his act together and will soon be gracing the deck’s with nothing but vinyl mixes.

In the mean time I’m sure you’ll see him with a beer in his hand (no doubt spilling it all over himself) bouncing around like a mad man to some drums.

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