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Promo mix for our next release from the one and only Empire X
JSD015 Artwork.jpg

Our next release from Florida's very own bad boy of Drum & Bass, EMPIRE X, has been in the game for more than two decades. He was born in Florida where he was raised into a family of musicians and music producers. He was originally introduced to the Jungle/Drum & Bass music scene in the early 90’s. X has worked/Dj’d with some of the best names in the scene and hasn’t looked back since the start of his journey. While X was a household name in the U.S, it wasn’t until Dylan signed X to Freak Recordings that his name took off worldwide. X has remained true to his darker sounds that he is known for while still keeping it fresh in a scene where music is forever changing.

Since then X has released music on numerous labels such as Freak/Obscene, Future Sickness Rec., Tech Cycle Rec., Force Rec., Black Hoe Rec., Exmachina Rec, Mindocracy, and many more. X’s dark and highly energetic sound continues to push the boundaries of Drum & Bass never letting up for one minute. There’s only one word to sum up his work...RELENTLESS.


Shut em Down

This track starts things off and wastes no time getting to the meat of things with its siren like reese bass and riding bass line. ‘Shut em Down’ is serious from start to finish. It's meant to reflect the journey of trying to shut down the unstable mind before it is too late. (Keep listening to the EP and you’ll realize they failed!)



Insane Starts off asking the question “Are we all truly insane”? The bass is massive, the amen break stabs throughout the track to instil maniacal visions in the unsuspecting listener and the alarm symbolizes the impending escape from those same visions and your own mental instability.



Definition: The fear of going insane!

This track is all about the filtered amen break and techy bass line that perfectly complements the breaks and gives a feeling of bemusement and a sense of impending doom. Although this tune is meant to allow you to catch your breath it's only a matter of time before you will find yourself back to heart pounding insanity.


Mental State

This title track marks the final decent into madness, in an explosion of constantly moving breaks bass and twisted reece. The second drop takes it a step up and conjures the feeling of falling without being able to stop, where will it take you? Are you about to descend into to a world of maniacal visions you may never be able to wake up from!